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      After using the pool for months or years, you will need to replace the underwater pool lights, as they have a fixed lifespan and can malfunction. However, there are few things that you have to consider when you need to replace underwater pool lights.

      Voltage: 120 volt lights are used in most of the swimming pools. However, it may differ as per the state building codes. You need to be careful when selecting the pool lights, so make sure you read the label, before you purchase them.

      Cord length: When you are contemplating buying underwater pool lights, it is important to know that the cord should reach the junction box. Additionally, there should be 4 feet of cord that is to be coiled up inside the box. This extra cord is needed in case, you need to pull the light on to the patio, or the deck, for the replacement of bulbs or any other maintenance issue.

      Size: There are no standard sizes for niche lights, and they vary by an inch or more. These brands have varied diameters to custom fit different sized underwater pool lights. To ensure you get the right one, make sure you replace the current product with similar pool light.

      The Installation Process

      The Pool Company in Miami recommends that installation of pool lights is done by qualified professionals only. That is because working with electrical wiring can be dangerous. It is best to use an electrical test meter before you switch off the power. Make sure you read all the instructions, and you understand all the precautions that are needed to handle the new underwater pool lights, before they are installed.

      If you think you can manage it on your own, study the owner’s manual for caution and instructions. It is important that you switch off the power at the breaker panel, which is required for pool equipment. If there is more than one breaker, it is best to switch them all off. After the power has been switched off, you can drain the pool and find the light junction box. In older pools, the underwater lights might have the junction box situated beneath the end of the diving board. And, in very old pools, it might be located under the steel plate of the pool deck.

      You can remove the pool light and cut the cord, so that the pool lights are disconnected from the cord. Inspect closely where the cord leaves the light niche. Now, return to the junction box and remove the saddle clamp, which holds the pool light cord in place. Pull it straight up and replace the clamp. You can coil up the extra cord around the pool lamp while inserting the underwater lights in the niche. And, if you are not comfortable doing all of it, it is cost effective to call in the Pool Builders in Miami.

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