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Give Your Pool a Facelift This Summer with a Pool Remodel

With summertime approaching, you may be feeling a little unhappy with the look of your swimming pool. If you have been wanting a fresh new look for your pool, it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are some easy and relatively inexpensive ways to remodel your pool with some simple pool renovation ideas and the best pool renovation company.

The Pool You Could Afford May Not Have Been Your Dream Pool

You may have purchased your pool home many years ago. Back then, you got the pool you could afford but not necessarily the pool of your dreams. Over the years, you’ve seen other inground pools that have made you green with envy. Yes, you can do a whole pool renovation if it is within your budget. But if it isn’t, there are some smaller things you can do to make your pool less dated looking without spending a fortune. If your swimming pool is still functional but just needs a facelift, here are some suggestions from local Pool Renovation Company.

Resurface Your Pool

Just putting a new pool plaster finish on your pool can not only help restore some of its original beauty but it can also create a whole different look. And with the cracks and rough surfaces fixed and sealed, it will extend the life of your pool.

Water Features

Things like waterfalls, sprayers, and fountains are simple additions to make to an existing pool. These items can make a boring pool come alive and can be relatively easy to install. A pool renovation company will be able to show you how you can retrofit your old pool into one of more beauty and interest.

Install LED Lighting

If you currently have old-school lighting, it is easy to upgrade with LED pool lighting. Your pool’s updated lighting can make a big difference in the way it looks at night. Not only does this add to the appearance of the pool but LED lights are far safer. And LED lighting comes in a variety of colors. Add to that the fact that LED lights are far more efficient to run than old pool floodlights.

Replace Waterline Tile

Just like the tile inside your home, your pool tile can make your pool look dated. By simply replacing your waterline tile, you can give your pool a more sophisticated and contemporary appearance. New glass tiles are the current trend and come in a variety of colors.

Automate Your Pool

One of the niftiest pool upgrades is adding a pool automated system. This can help you automate things like temperature, lighting, filtration, and much more, often with a click of your smartphone. What about a robotic cleaner or automatic pool cover? Pool technology is moving at the speed of light with new products such as speakers and other pool-friendly electronics.

When you’re thinking about a custom pool renovation, call the expert Pool renovation company in Miami. We can give you some pool remodel ideas and see our pool remodel and before and after projects to see easy we can make your old pool one you will love once again.


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