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Why Choose Us

The Reason Why You Should Choose Custom Pools

Since the creation of Custom Pools Miami in 1964 the founder Irv Chazen had a dream, and it was to be known as the Most Trusted Pool Builders in Miami.

Irv started his career working pouring concrete in swimming pools. And during that, he opened his 1st company, Certified Gunite Company. That company had invented the techniques that the Custom Pools team is known for today.

As the times changed in South Florida, the pool industry changed Irv was the front runner in new methods especially on the pool construction stage known today as “Shotcrete “.

The Custom Pools team was so dedicated to learning and perfecting this stage because it's the #1 most important phase of the pool construction process.

Ever heard the saying, to build a solid relationship you need to build a solid foundation?

Well, that's the same in the construction of an inground pool.

The foundation is the structure and even though pool companies fight over the rebar spacing and size if you don't use the correct concrete and place the Shotcrete correctly, the pool would never last.

Throughout the years Custom Pools was so confident in their technique of placing Shotcrete that we started to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the pool shell.

That was a game-changer for all pool companies in Miami.

Can you imagine spending so much money in the construction of a brand new swimming pool and not knowing what warranty you have and if you chose the right pool contractor that will follow through with such a warranty.

And today that's one of the biggest reasons customers choose Custom Pools Miami as their preferred pool builder.

It's not an easy decision to make but choosing Custom Pools your, paying for peace of mind. Its important in the factors when choosing a pool builder in Miami, that the pool company has been in business under the same name, same business structure, same business ethics, and the same love and VIP treatment they give to their customers for over 67 years.

Now, that's Priceless.

Trust me when we say this that we receive hundreds of calls yearly on if we can finish their pool or spa or that have been scammed by a local pool contractor in Miami.

See the video below where it shows a pool company that had scammed hundreds of customers and how this smart customer did his due diligence and hired Custom Pools.

Fast forward to 57 years later to 2021

In these new and challenging times, our lives have changed and so have our business practices. Technology has helped us advance and the current President of Custom Pools, Dago Cabral has implemented the tools and techniques he has learned with over 30 years in the pool industry.

If you want to learn more about who is Dago Cabral check out his Bio Page on our website.

What's Custom Pools Today?

Today at Custom Pools Miami we continue the legacy that Irv left us. Care about our reputation and take care of our customers.
Just to show how much Custom Pools care about its reputation see the video below how Irv after building 7000 pools how he fights with the Florida Department of Business Regulations because they denied him his rights and how he resolved it with Help Me Howard.

What have we learned from our Customers?

Dago says the most important thing we have learned from our customers, is to listen, and he means it.

This is the key part of everything we stand for as a company and it's the foundation to a great relationship with the customer and Custom Pools.

It all starts with an initial call to any of our Custom Pools offices one of our trained Customer Service listens to your needs on either you need a new swimming pool or a pool remodel.

The questions we ask to start the pool process.

  • What city do you want to build your pool in? - See the areas we build pools.
  • Do you have a survey of your home? -Don't know what a survey is.
  • Do you want to visit or any of our showrooms or do you need an in-home pool consultation? -Need to find one of our locations.
  • Do you need Pool Financing for your new pool and backyard project? - Need to know about Pool Financing.

After your pool consultation, you will receive your Free Pool quote which would be clear to understand, with everything that is included with your pool, No hidden sections, no small print, no bait, and switch.

Once you approve the pool proposal we make it simple to finalize the pool buying process. A member of our sales team will send you an electronic sign pool contract, where everything is checked off and detailed to your specifications.

Here is were another one of the top reasons to choose Custom Pools as your pool builder.

Did you know Custom Pools starts your pool contract with a total Deposit of $ 2000?

YES, you heard right.

We do, what we preach and this initial deposit is enough to start your pool design, pool plans and submit them to your local building department.

That again should give you peace of mind, and that we are committed to pushing your pool plans and permit process with our dedicated staff that just makes sure we address all the comments the pool department needs and as fast as they can.

Once your pool permit is issued, one of our Project managers will reach out to you to meet you for a scheduled Pre-Dig meeting.

There we will layout the pool in your backyard and go over the entire pool construction process and access to the pool area and once you give us the green light, that's where we begin. Click here if you want to learn about the entire pool construction process.

Q&A After Building your Pool and what we have learned from our Customers.

  1. We ask all our customers past and present, how was the sales process?
  2. How was the communication with the office staff?
  3. How was the communication with the project manager?
  4. How was the complete construction process, from Plans and Permits to Pool School?
  5. Anything you recommend to help us be better?

The BIGGEST challenges we had in 2020 with feedback from our customers were:

How do you handle Trash during the pool construction, the family is home all day during the Covid shut down and we need the backyard to be as clean as possible.
Thru the covid shutdown, how can we communicate with Custom Pools office staff or the Project Manager.

How did Custom Pools resolve this 1st Challenge?

Dago reached out to all his project managers and workers for ideas on the trash and pick up. So he decided to have a trash bin made to add all debris that was leftover from all the crews. Also inside our Custom Blue Bags, we leave on every new pool project, we would stock them with trash bags. The trash bags are for food and to be taken everyday from each crew and plastic, wood, or boxes were dumped in the trash box.


How did Custom Pools RESOLVE this 2nd Challenge?

Dago implemented a private line directly to himself which he answers to calls or text that we during and NOT during working hours. He thought this was important because we were unclear with Covid, and customers that worked too late would have direct contact with any questions or concerns they had.
This worked so well that this number is never off and always on a call like a Doctor for any 911 that can happen. You ask, well what can happen on a Saturday afternoon and why would you need to call a Custom Pools staff or owner?
Most important call ever. lol.
My internet is down from the pool construction, can you help me, please!!!
Well, you can imagine, all we have during these difficult times is TV and the internet especially for our customers working from home. I don't get the cable companies, the internet is so important and they treat their cable like if can never be broken, or just don't care.
They bury the internet cable 2 inches from the ground in areas we don't know there and 95% we damage it, by just simply driving over it with the bobcat. We know how important is the downtime of your internet is so we carry a splice kit on all the Custom Pools trucks for a quick fix.

Q&A From Dago Cabral President from Custom Pools

What is Custom Pools today, in 2021?

I'm proud to say Custom Pools is the largest Pool Company in Miami. We have around 15 employees and over 20 subcontractors that work only for us. We specialize in new pool construction, pool remodeling, and pool Resurfacing.

How many pools does Custom Pools build a year?

We build around 100-150 a year. That's around 5 pools a week per start.

How do you determine how many pools to build in a year?

We determine the amount on a weekly basis, so we input all our sales and construction starts in our scheduling program and we analyze and make sure our team can handle it without compromising a VIP treatment to our Customer. If we have a rush of pool sales we schedule them out through our pool scheduling program and we tell our pool sales team to hold off on signing new pool contracts.

How and where do we visit Custom Pools?

Custom Pools has currently 2 locations, 1 location in the heart of Miami, Florida which caters to the Northside of our Miami customers. Our 2nd Location was added in the area of Pinecrest right on US1 and 124 St. This showroom helps all the customers in the South Miami Dade area. Due to Covid restrictions, we recommend all our customers to call and schedule an appointment before they visit to ensure we comply with all the Covid Guidelines.

What are the Future Plans of Custom Pools?

We currently purchased land in the area of International Mall and Dolphin Mall, right off the Turnpike and Palmetto. It will be a high tech 8000 sft facility with an indoor pool. It will show off all the latest pool equipment and pool materials the pool industry has to offer. Learn more about our new Miami Headquarters here.

How do New Customers interact with the Custom Pools Staff during the construction process?

Were one of the few pool companies in Miami that offer the customer their own Portal to see all the documents on their new swimming pool project. It features access to their contract, payments, invoices, pool plans, and most important there Pool Schedule progress.

Where can we see Happy Customer Testimonial and are they real?

Well, Customer Referrals and Reviews are the lifelines of customs of our company. We rarely advertise and is not a marketing program to use paid advertisement. Pool companies spend thousands on weekly ad spend on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and magazines. I rather spend that money on the customer and not on Google.

I'd rather Google rank Custom Pools naturally on Google My Business thru positive reviews and thru a good experience on our website. On the other hand, 90% of our business is from referrals and that means, we build a good pool and give customer service, they will recommend us to their friends and family, and that's the lifeline of Custom Pools.

Visit our Customer Testimonials and see why over 10,000 plus homeowners hired and recommend Custom Pools as their Pool Builder in Miami.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Why Choose Us page