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Are Mosaic Tiles Used for Resurfacing an Older Swimming Pool?


In the last few years, pool resurfacing in Miami for swimming pools with mosaic glass tiles has become a trend. This is because it creates a dramatic effect and changes the old and dull pools into attractive fun places. Though the tiled floors can last for a long time, care and maintenance is needed regularly.
Though some people prefer doing it all on their own, it is best to hire the services of a Miami pool builder to work on resurfacing the pool. There may be different reasons to get the pool resurfaced, but the common reason is wearing and tear of the old tiles. Constant contact with water causes the old tiles to start popping off and that is why replacing just a few won’t help. You will need the entire perimeter of the pool retiled so that it looks uniform and lasts for many years.

The Process

You can call Custom Pools Miami to do your pool resurfacing in Miami. They start with draining the pool after consulting with the water authorities in the city. Adherence to all safety requirements and building codes is mandatory. Usually, the complete repair and retiling is going to take about 14 days.

Steps of the Process

Remove your LED Pool light before all The old tiles will need to be completely removed after the pool is drained. Apart from the tiles, the scratch coat will be removed as well. This is the layer that bonds the tiles to the concrete of the pool. Instead of just getting the repairs done, this is a good time to get it completely renovated, if you have the budget for it. You might be interested in changing the tiles completely and laying down a completely new pattern of mosaic tiles. For that the pool builder will need to remove the complete tiles from the area and prepare it for the installation of a new pattern of tiles. Oftentimes, the old tiles are hammered off, and debris is removed manually, or in some cases, power tools are utilized.

Preparation of the Surface

Before the new tiles are laid out, the complete pool area has to be prepared using power washers and again drained and cleaned professionally. This is the right time to check for the waterproofing that is exposed from below the layer of old tiles. If there is any discrepancy, the pool builders in Miami will remedy it. Only after it has been evaluated and considered to be in good condition will the new tiles be installed.

Tiling the Area

After the level line has been defined and the new scratch coating has been applied can the process of tile application can begin. Most of the mosaic pool tiles are available in sheets or individual pieces. So, there is a detailed plan to adhere to if you intend on having a new pool renovation design in place.
Resurfacing the pool will not only make your backyard look good, but it will enhance the value of your home.

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