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      Custom Pools Services

      Pool Construction

      Close your eyes and picture your forever pool. Now, let us make your dream a reality with our more than five decades of award-winning pool designs, pool installation and pool construction experience.   

      There’s a reason we’re the “Most Trusted Pool Builders in Miami Since 1964.

      Pool Remodeling

      Ready for a total makeover that will transform your “blah” pool into your “ahh” pool?We’ve got the skills, creativity and superior products to make it happen.      

      Pool Resurfacing

      Regular daily usage can do a number on your pool. Is your swimming pool riddled with cracks, blisters, discoloration, or other pool problems? We’re the pool resurfacing experts that will breathe new life into your aging treasure.

      Our Custom Pool Services

      Pool Construction

      From the ground down, we have experience building brand new pools and remodeling old ones. Whatever your pool visions, we can help you realize them. We have both references and images of our projects, contact us and we will be happy to come to your property to advise you and provide a free estimate.


      Pool Remodeling

      Our pool renovation team can repair or remodel any existing pool, no matter who was the original pool builder.


      Pool Resurfacing

      Protect one of your most important investments – your pool! Our goal has been to find new and innovative ways to improve the conditions of our clients’ pools and spas while saving them hundreds of dollars a year.

      Our custom swimming pools may also be seen in Miami, Pinecrest, Homestead and South Florida.

      Indisputably, a custom swimming pool can be a great addition to your home. Custom swimming pools can fit a wide range of shapes and sizes. Most of them get built to suit the client’s specifications. Nevertheless, custom pools need to get constructed by a pool builder expert. At times, they incorporate unique and intricate pool designs.

      Custom Swimming Pools – What to Look for:

      Before hiring a pool builder to build your custom pool, evaluate his or her credibility. Alternatively, you can always ask your friends or neighbors for references. But if you live in the Miami Dade county region, you can rely on us to deliver a quality custom pool as well as best pool services.

        Let us build you the ultimate custom swimming pool

        Here at Custom Pools Miami, we have experienced pool builders. They are well knowledgeable on how to create the best custom pools. Not to mention, they are responsible for constructing some of the best pools in Florida. If you desire to incorporate a world-class pool in your home, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer several custom pool services like pool construction, pool remodeling, and pool resurfacing.

        Pool construction

        We construct premier custom swimming pools. Our reputable pool contractors are courteous enough to take you through the whole pool construction process. They use an excellent communication system that keeps you updated on every step of pool construction. With us, you won’t feel left out. Also, we are always willing to address all your queries and doubts during the pool construction process.

        Moreover, suppose you want some changes or additions to your pool, we will be quick to do so. Immediately you contact us, we book an appointment for you. Here, we can listen to all your pool requirements. Then, after evaluating your property, we develop custom pool 3D design options that complement your backyard. This way, it’ll be much easier to settle with the most suitable pool design. The 3D pool designs enable you to get a clear picture of what to expect. After deciding on a specific pool design, we begin on pool construction. Regardless of the type of pool, we can always customize it to meet all your pool requirements. Below are some of the inground pools we can customize for you.

        Shotcrete pools

        We are passionate about building shotcrete pools. I mean, shotcrete is just fun to play around with. Shotcrete material is highly adaptable. We can come up with a broad spectrum of pool designs when it comes to shotcrete pools. In fact, most of our exceptional pools are shotcrete pools. If you plan to invest a lot of money into your pool, we often recommend shotcrete pools. These pools are relatively more expensive but offer high durability.

        Shotcrete Custom Swimming Pools

        On your first appointment, we present several shotcrete pool layouts that suit your needs. Then, after you settle with a particular pool layout, we begin constructing your pool. In case you are wondering what shotcrete material is, it is a combination of sand water and cement. The premixed blend gets inserted into a high-velocity hose. Then, the mixture gets sprayed over a steel framework in your pool area. More often than not, it takes some time before shotcrete cures. So, keep in mind that patience is critical when constructing a shotcrete pool. Even so, our pool builders will do their very best to build the pool within the given time frame.

        Swimming pool installation

        Our dependable pool builders can offer you cost saving alternatives when building your inground swimming pool. Our method of creating custom swimming pools will fit all your requirements and help you stay on budget. Because we specialize in the installation of shotcrete pools, our methods offer the most customization and are available at various budget friendly pricepoints. We recognize the importance of being able to deliver a quality inground pool at a price our customers can afford. All in all, if you are looking to construct a new pool, you can depend on us. We are just a call away.

        Pool Remodeling

        Besides constructing new inground pools, our team is well equipped to conduct all types of pool remodeling. After using your pool for some years, you will notice that it needs either a major or minor revamp. Trust us to conduct a pool remodel for you. One of our main objectives is to ensure we enhance your outdoor living area. Some of the pool remodeling we perform include:

        Changing the shape of your pool

        Occasionally, pool owners desire to spice up their yard by changing the shape of their pool. Modifying your pool’s shape can cost you a fortune. It’s almost like constructing a new pool. So, it is essential to delegate this duty to a trustworthy pool company like Custom Pools Miami. Our pool contractors have extensive experience and can modify your pool shape.

        During this process, they might have to change your pool plumbing system. You need not worry. They do this with keenness to guarantee safety for you and your family. Besides changing the shape of your pool, you might want to change the layout. You can always count on us to do so. But first, we have to listen to all your pool needs and your preferred pool design. Then, we will suggest several twenty-first-century pool designs that match your requirements.

        Once you settle on a particular pool design, we can start on the modification process. The time taken to change your pool shape varies depending on the type of pool. Usually, concrete pools offer the most amount of customization when it comes to expanding and changing the shape of your inground swimming pool.

        Incorporating breathtaking water features

        If you wish to add a whole new charm to your backyard, think of adding water features. There are numerous water features you can incorporate into your pool. It all depends on your budget and preferences. But if you have children, we mostly recommend water slides. On the other hand, if you live with older adults, we recommend spas. A spa offers relaxation and enhances the appealing nature of the pool. Also, water slides can keep your children occupied throughout the summer holidays.

        Additionally, if you want to boost your yard’s aesthetics, we usually recommend water features like rock waterfalls and sheer descents. Our pool contractors have extensive experience in installing all the water features. As a result, you can rely on us to suggest and install the most suitable water features for your pool.

        Pool equipment replacement

        Your pool equipment is prone to wearing out over the years. Thus, if you notice a malfunction in your pool pump or filter, we are the best people to contact. Our pool builders take their time to recommend the best pool equipment options for you.

        Pool Equipment Installation

        In most cases, we suggest energy-saving pool equipment like variable speed pool pumps and solar pool heaters that help you save on energy. Even so, we understand you have a budget. As a result, we do our very best to suggest pool equipment brands that fall within your budget. But if your budget is not fixed, we often recommend Pentair pool equipment. Pentair is well known for its quality pool equipment that offers high longevity. With such pool equipment, you need not worry about maintenance costs.

        Pool decking and lighting replacement

        Often, most pool owners will need to replace their pool lighting after some time. The majority of pool lights don’t provide high durability. So, when replacing your pool lights, we install high quality led lights that can last you for a long time. Of course, the type of pool lights we install depends on your pool budget. All our pool builders are well trained in replacing pool lighting. Remember, the process involves switching up your pool electrical system a bit. So, you cannot hire just any pool builder.

        Miami Pool Deck Installation

        Additionally, if you want to spice up your pool area by installing a contemporary pool deck design, we got you covered. We use high-quality material to construct your pool deck. Also, we make sure to replace the pool deck based on all your specifications.

        Pool resurfacing

        A pool’s surface tends to wear out after years of use. That’s why you might hear several people complain of rough pool surfaces. In such instances, you ought to conduct pool resurfacing. Pool resurfacing is a very delicate procedure. Thus, be careful of the pool contractor you hire to perform this process for you.

        Here at Custom Pools Miami, you can trust us to conduct quality pool resurfacing. Our dependable pool builders use high-quality finish materials to resurface the pool. Besides, they advise you on the best types of finish materials to use based on your budget and requirements. During the process of pool resurfacing, they portray professionalism and expertise. With us, you rest assured that your pool surface will be in good condition for decades.

        Get the best custom swimming pool services

        At Custom Pools Miami, we offer various custom pool services. So, contact us for all your pool needs. One thing to note is that we can conduct pool remodeling on pools that were initially built by different pool contractors. Not only are we located in Miami, but also Homestead, Pinecrest, South Miami, among other cities in the Miami Dade County. Furthermore, you can always contact us directly through our website.


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