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      Reputable Pool Builders Miami who provide Pool Construction, Pool Remodeling and Pool Resurfacing

      Pool Construction

      Close your eyes and picture your forever pool. Now, let us make your dream a reality with our more than five decades of award-winning pool designs, pool installation and pool construction experience.   

      There’s a reason we’re the “Most Trusted Pool Builders in Miami Since 1964.

      Pool Remodeling

      Ready for a total makeover that will transform your “blah” pool into your “ahh” pool?

      We’ve got the skills, creativity and superior products to make it happen.      

      Pool Resurfacing

      Regular daily usage can do a number on your pool. Is your swimming pool riddled with cracks, blisters, discoloration, or other pool problems? We’re the pool resurfacing experts that will breathe new life into your aging treasure.

      The Top Miami Pool Builders that specialize in Pool Construction, Pool Remodeling, and Pool Resurfacing.

      Custom Pools has been building in-ground swimming pools in Miami, FL since 1964. Our award winning pool designs and swimming pools are of high quality and because of that have won numerous prestigious awards. We work in detail with our customers to provide them the perfect pool cost for their budget.

      Our expert pool design team, pool construction managers, and office staff are dedicated to providing the very best in customer service.

      Our Main Headquarters is in Miami but we don’t only build pools in Miami Florida. We also build luxury swimming pools in cities of Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Doral, South Miami, and in the surrounding area. If you are in the Miami Dade County area and are interested in your very own swimming pool, get a free estimate by contacting us online

      Is a new swimming pool in your future? Or are you looking to renovate your old boring pool area? You may be overwhelmed with your choices of not only the pools themselves but also swimming pool contractors. Let Custom Pools take the worry out of your Miami Pool Construction.

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      Driving Directions to our Custom Pools Miami Office

      Be sure to contact Custom Pools when you need a reliable Swimming Pool Contractor in Miami to build you Luxury Pool you need. Call us for a Free Pool Design Custom Pools, Pool Construction in Miami (305) 255-5315.

      We Take Care of every Pool Construction Miami With Each Step

      Customized new pool designs require an experienced and creative team. At Custom Pools your pool construction in Miami company, you get this and more. We take great pride in each pool builds and always use the finest materials available. From start to finish, you can be assured that we take a detailed approach to each facet of new pool construction company in Miami.

      We take impeccable care with each step of the pool construction process so your new pool and spa, or backyard area will not only be beautiful and relaxing but also trouble-free for years to come.

      The Pool Construction Services We Provide in Miami Florida include:

      • Residential Pool Construction
      • In-ground Pool Installation 
      • Pool Automation
      • Pool Decks
      • Pool Equipment
      • Pool Heat Pumps
      • Waterfalls
      • Deck Jets
      • Sunshelfs
      • Bubblers

      The Best Pool Builders for Your Complete Satisfaction

      When you hire Custom Pools, you get Pool Builder Miami that is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Whether you come to us with a vision in mind or you want to browse through our pool pictures of options, you can relax knowing you have a creative team of pool experts in your corner. Throughout 55 years, we have created pools from the most basic and traditional to exotic. When you work with our team, you can allow your imagination to run wild or rely on our expert pool designers to create a custom oasis for you. So when your looking for Pool Builders near me, call the Miami Pool Builders you can Trust.

      We can do the Pool Remodeling of Your Dreams

      Our Custom Pool Remodeling in Miami team are ready to remodel and do the pool renovation for your pool and spa. We are passionate about what we do to provide a quality outdoor living space that you and your family will enjoy for years.

      We will fully customize your swimming pool or spa area to suit your needs and your backyard space.

      As the Most Trusted in Pool Remodeling in Miami, we not only can build your new pool from your vision but can renovate your old one. Our talented pool renovations Miami team can take your old swimming pool and give it a beautiful facelift, whoever the original pool company was.

      The Miami Pool Company that is Passionate About Your Pool Construction Options

      Pools and outdoor living spaces are what we are passionate about. We keep updated on all new industry standards and technology so you get the best pool package possible. In this way, we can offer pool construction, living areas, water features, enclosures, and hardscape that are always the latest available. From the most complex and unique jobs to the simplest, we have the experience, vision, and education to offer our clients the best outdoor living spaces and pool areas available anywhere.

      When you are ready for a creative and stress-free approach to creating your pool and outdoor living area, call Custom Pools, the Miami pool company that most homeowners have come to trust.

       You cant trust all Pool Companies in Miami

      If you are looking for a pool company in Miami with years of experience, hundreds of happy clients, and multiple awards under their belt, call the professionals at Custom Pools.

      We will be glad to discuss your visions for your backyard living space or offer many options of our own. We will do the job right and build your new outdoor living space within your budget. Don’t trust your new luxury pool or outdoor living space for amateurs. Call the experts at Custom Pools. the best pool companies near me.

      Pool Construction, Pool Remodeling and Pool Resurfacing in Miami FL

      Over the years, we, Custom Pools Miami, have had a significant market share in the pool industry. We are well known for our high standards and customized pools. Not to mention, our outstanding customer service has secured several industry awards for us. Here at Custom Pools Miami, we accommodate people from all walks of life. We incorporate an efficient communication system that keeps all our clients updated throughout the whole pool construction process. Moreover, our reliable Miami FL pool builders ensure they cater to all your pool needs and budget. As a result, we turn all your pool dreams into a reality.

      We have pool contractors in almost all cities of the Miami Dade county region. So, if you are an aspiring pool owner living in South Miami, Coconut Grove, or Doral, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. If you desire to transform your backyard into an exceptional haven, we are the best people to contact. Our dependable pool builders also cater to both major and minor pool revamp procedures. Whether it’s changing the shape of your pool or replacing your vinyl liner, you can count on us.

      Are you an aspiring pool owner with a limited budget and space? We offer twenty-first-century 3D pool designs that complement your yard space. Or, are you looking to resurface your pool? At Custom Pools Miami, we have the best Miami FL pool contractors who help you solve all your pool problems.

      Allow Custom Pools Miami to take you through each step of pool construction

      Indisputably, building a custom pool requires expertise. Thus, it is essential to hire a reliable pool builder who can exhibit professionalism and excellence when building your custom pool. Our Miami pool contractors are well trained to build almost any pool design. Besides, they have extensive experience hence familiar with a broad spectrum of pool alternatives.

      Even if you wish to construct the most intricate design, our pool builders deliver more than expected. The best thing is that we incorporate high standard materials when constructing all types of pools. We take every step involved in pool construction seriously. Not to mention, our pool contractors involve you in each step of pool construction. This way, you stay updated, and you’ll be able to plan, especially if you are a commercial pool owner. Additionally, if you need any modifications in the pool construction process, our pool builders are always ready to implement all your needs.

      What are the different pool services we offer?

      Building inground pools

      Our Miami pool builders are well knowledgeable in building both above ground and inground pools. We deliver high-quality inground pools that can last you for decades. Of course, the longevity of your inground pool will depend on the type of pool. Typically, our concrete inground pools offer the highest durability. In fact, they can stay for over 20 years. On the flip side, our vinyl inground pools need liner replacement after every seven to ten years. Besides, we can create an inground pool out of an above ground pool. You don’t have to get rid of your above ground pool to create space for an inground pool. So, allow us to help you save on pool construction costs by installing an inground pool on your above ground pool.

      Additional water features

      If you are looking to spice up your pool by adding water features, you can always count on our Miami pool contractors. They are well knowledgeable on how to install a broad spectrum of water features. From spas, hot tubs, jets, and bubblers to rock waterfalls. Besides, our Miami FL pool builders will always suggest the best water features that can add a whole new charm to your pool.

      Installing pool equipment

      Before installing any pool equipment in your pool, we advise you on the best options in the market. Often, we recommend Pentair and Hayward pool equipment. In fact, we use Pentair and Hayward pool equipment in the majority of our pool projects. With this equipment, your pool will stay in good condition. Additionally, you will minimize pool repair costs in the long run. We avoid installing low-quality equipment for your pool. Besides, our pool contractors install all the pool equipment with keenness and professionalism.

      Pool Automation

      Here at Custom Pools Miami, our pool contractors are highly experienced in installing pool automation. Whenever you need to install any automatic system in your pool, do not hesitate to contact us.

      Constructing residential pools

      We not only cater to commercial pool owners but also aspiring residential pool owners. Our pool contractors have a wide range of experience in dealing with different kinds of pools. So, they can create the simplest of swimming pools in the smallest of backyard spaces. We come up with the most suitable 3D pool design options for you. This way, you can select your best pool design alternative. So, if you desire to construct a pool in your backyard, get in touch with us immediately.

      Constructing pool decks

      We can create a broad spectrum of pool deck designs that can transform your outdoor living area into a tranquil oasis. Unlike other pool companies, we use high-quality materials to construct your pool deck. Thus, you rest assured of a quality pool deck that will serve you for years. Ultimately, our pool builders ensure that the pool deck perfectly blends with your yard area.

      Pool heaters

      Our pool builders have extensive experience in installing pool heat pumps. They ensure they put in place a high-quality pool heater that provides high durability. As a result, you end up spending less on the pool heater repairs and maintenance.

      Attain maximum customer satisfaction with our Miami FL pool builders

      Immediately you decide to employ our Miami pool contractors; you rest assured of 100% customer satisfaction. Our Miami pool builders are highly committed to making sure they bring all your expectations to life. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us. Then, present all your pool requirements. This way, our pool contractors can picture exactly what you have in mind. Afterward, they present several pool design alternatives that suit your needs and budget. Often, almost all our clients fall in love with all the pool layout options. Once you settle for a particular pool design, we can start with the pool construction process. With us, you can customize your pool to fit any design.

      Transform your yard space by pool remodeling

      Aside from creating new inground pools, our Miami pool contractors can conduct different types of pool repairs. Some of them include replastering, resurfacing, and liner replacement. If you need major pool remodeling like fixing structural cracks and replacing your plumbing system, you can always count on us. We have a good number of pool contractors who are well trained in handling electrical pool systems. Thus, if you desire to spice up your outdoor living space by modifying your pool a bit, we are the best people to contact.

      Our dependable pool builders put your pool needs into consideration

      One of our main objectives at Custom Pools Miami is to boost a property’s aesthetics. Thus, we only construct pools that complement your backyard space. Of course, we have to pay attention to your budget. Consequently, we try our best to stay informed on all the pool industry trends. This way, we can build contemporary geometric and freeform pool designs.

      Additionally, we will suggest the most suitable water features to incorporate in your pool. In turn, our Miami FL pool builders transform your backyard space into a luxurious holiday resort. Doing this promotes not only your outdoor aesthetics but also increase the value of your property.

      There are numerous pool builders, but you can only trust a few

      Finding a reputable pool contractor is a must-do if you plan to construct a pool. Today, there is a wide range of pool builders. So, it can be hard to settle for the best.

      Conduct thorough research on the best pool contractors in your area. You can also ask for referrals from friends or families who have pools. Alternatively, hire our pool contractors if you live in the Miami Dade county area. We offer high-quality swimming pools that match all your specifications. On top of that, we ensure we cater to your budget. Ultimately, don’t just employ any pool builder you come across.

      Our Miami pool builders are reputable and trustworthy

      At the end of the day, every homeowner’s dream is to have a quality and appealing pool. We, Custom Pools Miami, are ready to deliver all you have in mind. Besides constructing new inground pools, we fix minor and complex issues that accompany your pool. All our pool contractors have a valid license and insurance cover. Thus, with us, you rest assured of maximum safety. We also keep in touch after pool construction since we advise you on the best pool maintenance tips.

      Choosing a pool contractor can be a hustle. I mean, you want to hire a pool contractor that you can trust. Besides, pool construction can cost you thousands of dollars. Unquestionably, you don’t want all your money to go to waste. So, always employ reputable pool contractors who will help you save on pool maintenance costs. Here at Custom Pools Miami, we have the best pool builders in the whole of Southern Florida. Get all your queries, fears, and doubts addressed by our Miami pool contractors.

      With over 55 years of experience building in-ground pools in Miami, Custom Pools is your top Miami Pool Builder of choice. Check out some of the Miami surrounding cities we serve.

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