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      Summer is almost here and you may be considering a new backyard pool for your home. When you are looking to design a new pool and outdoor living space for your home, why settle for ho-hum? Check out these latest ideas for from professional Miami pool companies for your new outdoor oasis.

      Smart Pool Automation

      We have smart security systems, smart thermostats, and even smart refrigerators. What about smart pool automation? Control your pool with that same smart home technology. This allows you to fully control your pool cleaning, temperature, lighting, and even audio from your smartphone at any time.

      Create a Lagoon

      Have you always wanted a true lagoon feel in your backyard. Although the lagoon concept has been around for awhile, you can make it even more realistic with darker colors for your pool’s surface.that recreate a real lagoon experience. Add some landscaping around the pool with big pots of tropical plants, hanging palms, or ornamental grasses and you have transported your backyard to the rainforest.

      Natural Pools

      If you want a true lagoon feel, you may consider a natural pool. Natural pools don’t use chlorine or muriatic acid but instead rely on aquatic plants to eliminate bacteria and algae. Natural pools require diligent maintenance, however.

      Saltwater Pools

      New saltwater pools require less chemicals to maintain than the traditional swimming pool. They employ salt and chlorine cylinders within the pump system and can be used with any pool design. Without harsh chlorine, the saltwater pool is not only easy to maintain but also gentler to skin and can provide that “soft water” feel.

      Infinity Pools

      Not a new trend but a tried and true one. If your yard overlooks the water, blur that line between your pool and the larger water in the background with an infinity edge. This is done where the edge of the pool nearest the other body water doesn’t have an edge, This gives the illusion that the two bodies of water merge with each other.

      Multiple Levels, Sun Shelves and Ledges

      Imagine a flat area that is more shallow than the rest of the pool for your lounge chairs to sit on. Or a shallow area for the kids to play. Having a tanning ledge or wading area might be the best ideas for pools ever.

      Fun Water Elements

      What about a waterfall or fountain as a design feature for your new pool? New technology makes it easier than ever. Combine a pool slide and waterfall. Add a fountain to the middle of your pool. Light your pool and water elements with added LED lights. LED lights can help create rich vibrant colors around the pool area and are available in many different hues. Add glass pool tiles for added visual interest.

      When you’re looking to create a backyard living space for your family, call the design experts at Custom Pools of Miami. We would love to show you these and other options you can use for your customized pool area. We are the Miami pool contractor that more households trust for custom pool design and construction.