How to Replace the Underwater Pool Lights?

Keeping your pool remodeling cost low.

Many customers are saving up for a complete pool remodeling and one of the most asked steps is changing the 120-volt pool light to a LED nicheless or LED pool light. Keep your pool remodeling cost low with your pool lighting change is easy.

A pool lighting change in a few steps.

After using the pool for months or years, you will need to replace the underwater pool lights, as they have a fixed lifespan and can malfunction. However, there are a few things that you have to consider when you need to replace underwater pool lights. 

Voltage: 120-volt lights are used in most of the swimming pools. However, it may differ as per the state building codes. You need to be careful when selecting the pool lights, so make sure you read the label before you purchase them.

Give Your Pool a Facelift This Summer with a Pool Remodel

With summertime approaching, you may be feeling a little unhappy with the look of your swimming pool. If you have been wanting a fresh new look for your pool, it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are some easy and relatively inexpensive ways to remodel your pool with some simple pool renovation ideas.

The Pool You Could Afford May Not Have Been Your Dream Pool

You may have purchased your pool home many years ago. Back then, you got the pool you could afford but not necessarily the pool of your dreams. Over the years, you’ve seen other inground pools that have made you green with envy. Yes, you can do a whole pool renovation if it is within your budget. But if it isn’t, there are some smaller things you can do to make your pool less dated looking without spending a fortune. If your swimming pool is still functional but just needs a facelift, here are some suggestions from local Pool Renovation Company.

Are Mosaic Tiles Used for Resurfacing an Older Swimming Pool?

In the last few years, resurfacing older swimming pools with mosaic glass tiles has become a trend. This is because it creates a dramatic effect and changes the old and dull pools into attractive fun places. Though the tiled floors can last for a long time, care and maintenance is needed regularly.
Though some people prefer doing it all on their own, it is best to hire the services of a Miami pool builder to work on resurfacing the pool. There may be different reasons to get the pool resurfaced, but the common reason is wearing and tear of the old tiles. Constant contact with water causes the old tiles to start popping off and that is why replacing just a few won’t help. You will need the entire perimeter of the pool retiled so that it looks uniform and lasts for many years.

What are the Reasons to Renovate Your Pool

You might have your own reasons to renovate the pool. Some people do it because they are looking for a change of shape while for others, it might be a necessity as the storm might have caused some damage. To help prolong the life of the pool, it is important to invest in good quality equipment and hire the right pool remodeling company in Miami. Whether you want to redo the entire pool or fit it with the latest technology, here are the common reasons that people want to renovate their inground pool.

Miami Best Pool Remodeling Company in Miami

Has Your Pool Lost Its Special Glow? It’s Time for Pool Remodeling. Let Custom Pools Miami Make Your Pool the Envy of Your Miami Neighborhood?

There are times where you’ll realize your swimming pool may be in need of a rejuvenating facelift, you realize its time for pool remodeling. The reasons behind your sudden realization may range from the damage done by the weather, the passage of time, or the desire for something new. Whatever the reason, know that you’ll find convenience, expertise and professionalism at Custom Pools Miami.