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      With summer right around the corner, you know your pool will be getting much more use. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your pool crystal clear during the hottest summer months. Here are some things you need to keep up on to keep your pool at its cleanest this summer.

      Use That Leaf Skimmer or Automatic Cleaner

      Your pool will collect all sorts of things on its surface, particularly if you don’t have a screen enclosure. And these things will eventually make it to your skimmer basket. Don’t let twigs, leaves, or any other particles accumulate. Organic material can have a tendency to make the water cloudy and can contribute to the buildup of algae and sediment. Make sure to skim the surface of your pool daily and empty the basket from debris.

      Check and Backwash the Filter

      Your filter relies on proper water circulation. If your pool water is looking cloudy, you may want to backwash the filter to get rid of any accumulated contaminants. This will remove any buildup by running water through the filter on the opposite side of the usual flow.

      Keep Chemicals Properly Maintained

      Keeping your water free from bacteria and algae relies on the proper levels of chlorine and the appropriate pH for your pool. Water testing kits are available at any store that sells pool supplies or you can also hire a professional to come by each week and keep your levels balanced. During the summer, it’s even more important to keep the levels balanced due to added usage.

      Check Your Water Circulation

      Your water filtration system and pump relies on water moving through the system. This is necessary to keep your pool free from dirt and debris but can also affect your chlorination. The pool pump should work approximately eight hours per day. This is usually done by means of a timer but you want to make sure that it is working properly. If the timer isn’t working or it has been inadvertently turned off, your pool circulation will not be what is required for it to stay clean.

      Periodic Vacuuming

      Just like your home, your pool needs to be tidied up, preferably on a weekly basis. Vacuuming cleans the hard to reach areas and can be instrumental in how much chemicals you will need.

      Wipe Down Your Accessories

      Germs can settle on those fun pool toys and floaty lounge chairs. Wipe these down periodically. Also, sediments and chemicals can create buildup and stain the waterline of your pool. Wiping these areas down periodically reduces stains and germs and keeps your pool looking fresh and clean.

      Does Your Pool Need a Fresh Face?

      If your old pool needs some refreshing and updating, call the custom Miami pool contractors at Custom Pools of Miami. We can repair or renovate your pool area and make it look like new. Call us to see how we can put a fresh face on your old pool.