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      If you have small children at home, you know how important childproofing your pool area is. According to, in 2013 Florida had the highest drowning rate in the nation for children aged 1 – 4 years and the second highest rate for children aged 1 – 14 years, Younger children, aged 1 – 4 years, have the highest risk of drowning with the majority of those incidents happening in home swimming pools. With these kinds of statistics, it is important for parents to take childproofing the family’s pool area very seriously.

      Barriers and Fencing

      The most important thing to do for your children’s safety is to put a safety barrier between them and the pool. The safest pool fence should be at least four feet tall with self-closing and self-latching features that are not within reach of a small child. It should have no hand or foot-holds so it cannot be climbed.

      Safety Covers

      Safety covers are a good addition not just for children’s safety but also to keep pets and unwanted wildlife out of the pool. A safety cover is pulled tightly across the pool and secured with straps. Because they are trampoline tight, they can hold thousands of pounds so there is no chance a child will fall through if properly secured. Safety covers come in solid vinyl and mesh. Solid covers will not allow sunlight to penetrate so algae will not grow underneath.

      Pool Alarm

      Another safety precaution is the installation of a pool alarm. A threshold alarm can be installed on any part of your pool area such as the sliding glass doors or gates to the pool. These can alert you when a gate is opened, when the cover is removed, or when there is someone around your pool area.A surface wave sensor will detect when the surface of the pool is disturbed. These float on the pool’s surface and react if there is any disturbance to the surface water in the pool. A subsurface disturbance sensor has an arm that extends down into the water and monitors any disturbances.There are also wearable alarms. These are wristbands that sound an alarm when they are immersed in water.

      Maintain a Lifesaving Kit

      Keep important lifesaving equipment nearby. These should include an emergency kit, a long pole, and rescue buoys.

      Establish Rules

      Once they are old enough to understand, one of the more important ways to keep a pool area safe is to firmly establish safety rules with your kids. These should include no swimming without adult supervision, no diving into shallow water, no riding toys near the pool, and no running. Lower the risks to children by keeping your pool area safe and pool chemicals out of reach.

      Swimming Lessons

      According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all children who are emotionally and physically ready and can follow basic instructions should learn to swim.Be safe and enjoy your pool this summer. If you are looking to build a new pool, remodel an old one, or are looking for repairs, call the expert Miami pool company that homeowners throughout South Florida trust for their pools. Call Custom Pools of Miami today.
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